Dancers by Criativo Photography

Danielle, the owner and photographer, is a former dancer. Her experience helps her catch the apex of each leap and kick at the exact right moment. Her technique enables her to keep an eye out for sickled feet, bent knees, and other nuances that can ruin a dance image. Her excellent photography skills are the result of years of training and will produce gorgeous dance portraits!

Criativo can work directly with dancers for their own custom photo shoots (pricing listed below) or with studios to provide the following services.


·         Headshots and solo shots for competitions

·         Group and individual costume/recital portraits

·         Photography at dance performances

If you are a Phoenix dance studio interested in partnering with Criativo Photography, please contact Danielle to set up a meeting to learn about what we offer and all the benefits we provide to your studio. Call 480-447-6522 or email her at

If you are a dancer or parent of a dancer and are interested in your own custom dance shoot, please see the options below.

The Prep

When you book your session, we will schedule your Planning Consultation to take place at our home studio in Anthem. This appointment will allow us to meet, get to know each other, help your child feel comfortable with Danielle, brainstorm and plan a location, ideas, and outfits for your shoot. You will also receive a Session Planning Guide from Criativo to help guide you through each step of the process as you prepare for your session.

The Shoot

Once you arrive at your location, Danielle will help you choose and style the best outfits for your location. Please stretch beforehand and be prepared to share your dance strengths with Danielle so she can capture what you do best! She will guide you every step of the way in posing so that you feel comfortable, natural, and beautiful. But it doesn't hurt to have some favorite dance poses and jumps thought out before the shoot.

The Order

Ready to see your gorgeous pictures? About one week after your session, you and your family will come to Criativo’s home studio in Anthem to view all your best images. We’ll spend about an hour choosing your favorites and designing some custom products for you. Your order will be finalized and paid for at this appointment and ready for pick up a month later.

Sample Highlight Film

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