Frequently Asked Questions

Booking & Planning

Why should I choose Criativo Photography?

*We are a premiere senior portrait photography studio specializing in photographing teens and their families
*Your session is customized to your interests and personality
*We are big into building the confidence and self-esteem of our seniors and making them feel as amazing as they are
*We offer incredible Senior Highlight Films to capture who you are at this point in time
*We offer a variety of stunning, tangible products as well as digital files, which our parents and seniors love

How will I know how to prepare?

Once you book your session, you’ll come to our Anthem home studio for your Planning Consultation so we can meet, brainstorm, and plan your customized session. We’ll discuss outfits, locations, poses/styles you do and don’t like. At this meeting, you will also receive our beautiful Session Planning Guide. It includes great info on makeup and hair, how to choose your outfits, as well as what to expect before, during, and after your shoot.

How do we choose a location?

When you fill out our booking form, you’ll give Danielle information on the kind of scenery you would like. When we meet together at your Planning Consultation, she will recommend a couple locations that will match what you’re looking for, has a lot of variety for backdrops, as well as excellent lighting at specific times of day. We are also open to suggestions if you have a location that is really personal to you. But remember, you are the star of your portraits, not the background. Take a look at our work, and you’ll notice that our style features many close ups and does not focus on the scenery.

What is the process when we work with you?

1- We’ll book your session. This usually takes place online here or over the phone.

2- Next, we’ll meet together for your Planning Consultation. This meeting takes place at our home studio in Anthem and is the time when we will meet, brainstorm, and plan your customized session. We’ll discuss outfits, locations, poses/styles you do and don’t like.

3- On the day of your session, you’ll meet your stylist for professional hair and makeup. (optional)

4- You will meet Danielle at your location. We usually spend 5-10 minutes going through all your outfits and accessories so Danielle can better plan the flow of your shoot and help you decide which ones will photograph the best. Then we’ll spend time laughing, goofing around, and capturing amazing images.

4- About 1 week after your session, we’ll have your personalized order appointment at our home office in Anthem. Here you’ll get to see all your images, choose your favorites for digitals, and decide what you’d like to purchase.

5- All digitals and products will be ready for pick up approximately four weeks later.

What about hair and makeup?

We strongly suggest having your hair and makeup professionally done before your photo shoot! Check out this list of our favorite local stylists who are known for doing an amazing job on seniors and will match the exact look you’re going for.

I want to book a session, now what?

Yay! We’re so excited to meet you and work with you! Please fill out the booking form to give Danielle information about what you are wanting for your senior session. She’ll contact you within two business days and we’ll start planning your session together. Or you can also call Danielle at 480-447-6522. Please know that:
  • Sales tax will be applied to all session fees.
  • At least 50% of the session fee is to be paid at the time of booking to reserve your date. The remainder must be paid at least one week before your session.
  • $150 of your session fee is a non-refundable retain in case of cancellation.
  • If you must reschedule, please do so more than 48 hours before your session. Failing to do so will incur a $50 reschedule fee. Issaquah Senior Photographer.

Issaquah Senior Photographer – Criativo Photography.

Day of the Shoot

How Many Outfits Should I Bring?

Each session option includes a different number of outfits. But please bring 2 or 3 more outfits than we’ll photograph you in so Danielle can help you decide which outfits are most flattering and will look best with your location. Check out our Pinterest board if you need more ideas for possible outfits and accessories. Don’t forget to plan the undergarments, shoes, and accessories for each outfit.

Can I Bring Someone With Me?

You are welcome to bring 1-2 supportive friends to your session. Friends help fill our sessions with laughter and they can also help carry your stuff. Plus, we can add them in for a few pictures. And don’t forget mom or dad. They are more than welcome to join us too. Tell them to look camera ready so we can get a quick picture of you two together as well.

What about my iguana/dog/tarantula?

We love including pets in photo shoots. Make sure to let us know as we are planning your session so we can decide when and how to include your pet and figure out what to do with him/her during the rest of your session.

What if it's raining?

If rain is in the forecast, Danielle will call you the day before your session or morning of your session and we can decide if we’d like to chance the rain or plan a time to reschedule for.

What else should we know about our shoot?

Arrive 15 minutes early for your session and plan for extra traffic. You have a start time and an end time. If you are 20 minutes late, your session will be 20 minutes shorter. Issaquah Senior Photographer.

Issaquah Senior Photographer – Criativo Photography.

After the Shoot

When and how can I purchase the images?

When you book your session, we will also book a time for your order appointment. This will take place about 1 week after your session. The order appointment will be at our Anthem home studio. At this appointment, your images will be revealed for the first time, we’ll sort through them and choose your favorites (don’t worry if you love them all, we have a process to guide you each step of the way). We’ll choose the best images for your digital files that are included with your session. If you’d like to purchase anything else, we’ll design your products, then finalize and pay for your order. Danielle will help you every step of the way to guide you and answer any questions that come up. Because your entire order will be placed at this appointment, it is important that all decision makers be at this scheduled appointment. We set aside 60-90 minutes for this appointment (depending on your session). We ask that you do the same. Issaquah Senior Photographer.

Are my images retouched?

At your order appointment, the images you see will only be color corrected. Each image you order will be retouched (remove blemishes, whiten teeth, brighten eyes) and any other minor details that might need to be touched up. Take a look at our work to see what to expect in our editing. Anything above and beyond can be done at a rate of $10+ per image. Issaquah Senior Photographer.

How will I know what products I should buy?

During your order appointment, you will be able to see, touch, and feel each of our products. We’ll discuss your needs and wants and find a collection that matches. You can get a head-start on seeing what kinds of products you like over here.

What if we can't decide what we want during our appointment?

If for some reason you cannot make your decisions within your scheduled order appointment, there is a $50 fee to schedule an additional order appointment. *This has only happened twice. Thankfully we have a process that will really help you make your decisions easy. It is also recommended to do some homework before you come and think about products you might want to purchase:
  • gift prints for grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.
  • something to hang on the wall, think about where you’d like it to hang and what size(s) would look best
  • custom grad cards, if so, how many
  • a keepsake item to pass down from generation to generation, like an album or image box

How much do families usually spend on senior portraits?

Each session comes with a specified amount of digital images. You don’t have to spend any more than your session fee, but you are welcome to purchase additional products to display in their home and give as gifts to family members. A la carte prints begin at $75, ready-to-hang wall art at $325, and featured collections at $500. Our collections have been designed based on what has been most popular for Criativo families over the years and have built in flexibility to fit your family’s needs perfectly. Including the session fee, our average client spends about $1000 for the session and gorgeous products for their home and gifts. Issaquah Senior Photographer

Do you offer payment plans?

Of course! Criativo understands that custom portraiture is an investment. We’re happy to work with your budget and spread your payments out over a specified amount of time. However, due to the custom nature of our products, your collection will not be delivered until all payments have been received. Issaquah Senior Photographer

Issaquah Senior Photographer – Criativo Photography.

Everything Else

Is sales tax added to everything?

Yes, according to Arizona state law, we have to charge sales tax on all session fees and products. Therefore, all prices are subject to a 6.3% sales tax.

What types of payments do you accept?

We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards.
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Will I get images for social media?

We love sharing our work as much as you love showing off your pictures! For every digital image you purchase, you will also receive a copy designed specifically for sharing online (lower resolution and a tiny watermark). You are free to use and share those images on social media. However, due to copyright laws, you are not allowed to change or crop any of the images. We just request that you tag our business pages so your friends can check us out too.

Issaquah Senior Photographer – Criativo Photography.

Hopefully that answered your questions!

If not, feel free to email us at or call 480-447-6522.