Teen and Tween Pricing and Details

Teens- Grades 8-10

Tweens- Grades 5-7

When your child is first born, you could never have too many images of your precious baby. They soon become a toddler and who could resist those chubby cheeks and adorable smiles? But then, life gets busy and there is less time for pictures. Looking back at my family photo albums, there seem to be huge gaps in my existence during those tween and teen years. Maybe it’s because I stopped smiling because of my braces or I wouldn’t let my parents take pictures of me when I had zits. But now, it’s like those years never happened.

These tween and teen years are so critical for your child. It’s the time when they’re no longer children, but definitely not adults yet (even though they may like to think so). They are literally in-be-“tween”. But that doesn’t mean that life is put on hold. In fact, this is a really important time in the life of your student. I can confidently say that my middle school and high school years were exactly when I decided who I was going to be! It was the first time I was offered drugs and alcohol. It was the first time boys started looking at me in a different way. I’m grateful for the confidence that was instilled in me, that I had the confidence to say NO to those things that could have drastically changed my future. This is a hard time in your child’s life: deciding who they are going to be, where they fit in among their peers and in the world, what they are going to stand for and be known for.

I believe that one little way I can help your child is by helping them gain confidence in themselves, even in just a short 45 minute photo shoot. Obviously, this photo shoot can’t change a child’s lifetime of positive and negative experiences, but it can help change the way they feel about themselves. Help your child through these tween and teen years and schedule them for an unforgettable portrait session with Criativo Photography!

The Prep

When you book your session, we will schedule your Planning Consultation to take place at our home studio in Anthem. This appointment will allow us to meet, get to know each other, help your child feel comfortable with Danielle, brainstorm and plan a location, ideas, and outfits for your shoot. You will also receive a Session Planning Guide from Criativo to help guide you through each step of the process as you prepare for your session.

The Shoot

Once you arrive at your location, Danielle will help you choose and style the best outfits for your location. We also guide you every step of the way with posing and expressions so that you feel natural and beautiful. We recommend bringing a parent and one best friend. We can even sneak each of them in for a couple quick pictures.

The Order

Ready to see your gorgeous pictures? About one week after your session, you and your family will come to Criativo’s home studio in Anthem to view all your best images. We’ll spend about an hour choosing your favorites and designing some custom products for you. Your order will be finalized and paid for at this appointment and ready for pick up a month later.

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Sample Highlight Film

The Products

Criativo Photography’s hand selected product line includes a variety of boutique products and digital options that both parents and students will adore.

A la Carte prints begin at $75
Ready-to-hang wall art starts at $325
Collections start at $500 and include deep discounts over à la carte.

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