Current Seattle Senior Squad

Criativo Photography has been so blessed to continue to grow and photograph more high school seniors each year. This year, we have 32 Class of 2017 Models representing 12 schools from Bellevue, Issaquah, Kent, Tahoma, Renton, Mercer Island, Northshore, and Seattle school districts. Our model program has many fun opportunities and experiences. This year each model got to be in the themed styled shoot of their choice. They also will each be doing their own custom senior session during the summer. Click on any of our models’ pictures to see more images from their model shoot!

Pacific Northwest Model Shoot

aimee-profile brenna-profile fernanda-profile katie-profile
laurie-profile megan-profile rahma-profile renee-profile
sophia-profile  tiffany

Book Lovers Model Shoot

ABBEYprofile NICKprofile REBEKAHprofile TAYLAprofile

Skater Model Shoot

ALEXAprofile-addpic EMILYprofile-addpic EMMAprofile-addpic HALEYprofile-addpic
INGRIDprofile-addpic JACKIEprofile-addpic KATEprofile-addpic MICHAELprofile-addpic
STEPHprofile-addpic TINAprofile-addpic

Coachella Model Shoot

SADE-profilepic  YOLOTZIN

Not pictured:
Daniel W
Rachel D